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Sewer and Drain Clogs Can Be Fixed Easily. Learn How!

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Sewer and Drain Clogs Can Be Fixed Easily. Learn How!

Why Hiring Our Plumbing Specialists Can Help You Meet Your Emergency Sewer and Drain Repair Needs?

The sewage and drain lines in your home can get clogged relatively often. That issue is undermined by many house owners, but it can lead to serious consequences. If you try to unclog them by yourself, you risk inflicting even more damage. It is not a pleasant situation when you realize that raw sewage or old stale water has backed up into your bathroom.

Here are some smart solutions for a clog-free drain, which our plumbing specialists have prepared for you:

-Don’t let junk go down the drain. Clean the drain with hot water, ½ cup of baking soda, and ½ cup of vinegar to prevent grease build-up and hard water deposit.

-Inspect your bathtub stoppers for hair and buildup frequently. Doing this once every 3 months, for example, is an effective preventative maintenance option. Once a week, fill in your bathtub halfway, and pull out the stoppers to flush the drain line.

-Check out your kitchen sinks for clog prevention.

There are several things that you do not have to do in order to keep them in a good condition:

-Do not pour coffee grinds down the sink.

-Remove any kitchen waste from your sink when you are done washing the dishes.

-Do not pour greasy liquids down your drains.

-Avoid using environmentally-unfriendly drain cleaning solutions because they contain a lot of chemicals. Using natural cleaners instead will provide you with the peace of mind that your domestic environment is healthy and safe for your family.

For more sewage maintenance tips, you can contact Morrison Plumbing of Chelsea, AL. Just dial (205) 994-7370 and our skilled plumbing specialists will consult you on some other questions about preventative sewer and drain cleaning that you may have.

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