5 Of the Worst Things You Can Do to Your Plumbing System

What Can a Plumbing Contractor Tell You About Your System?

The majority of the homeowners still believe that they can handle minor plumbing problems on their own. Despite all the efforts of the expert plumbers to stress out the importance of calling a trained and licensed plumber, they keep fixing their leaks by themselves. Some of the most terrible plumbing situations actually occur due to homeowners’ errors. Take a look at these tips given by a skilled plumbing contractor:

  • Ignoring the most common signs of troubles. This is one of the worst things you can do to your plumbing system. Always be on the watch out for suspicious gurgling sounds and dangerous leaks. Sometimes, a pipe could break down deep underground without any visible indications. However, you should always be watchful for any puddles in your yard that don’t seem to dry our, slow drains, overflowing toilet, etc., and take the relevant actions.

  • Using chemical cleaners. This is another bad thing that can seriously damage your plumbing system and destroy its delicate bio-balance. For example, many homeowners are trying to solve the issue ”slow drains” by using too harsh chemicals to clean and unclog their drain pipes. In fact, this could be dangerous and damage your pipes, specialists advise.

  • Too many DIY projects. While trying to save some money, many people make the mistake to repair their plumbing fixtures by themselves. Sometimes, you can actually do more damage than good. Why? Because your “minor” problem could easily turn to awful flooding with devastating consequences.

  • Using your garbage disposals in an inappropriate manner. Always follow the plumbers’ professional instructions in terms of what is permitted to throw in the garbage disposals and what is not. Never dispose of in them grease, cigarette butts, feminine products, diapers, food peels, and strong chemicals. Otherwise, you risk facing catastrophic and costly repairs.

  • Skipping routine maintenance. Avoiding the advice given by skilled plumbers will inevitably lead to plumbing issues. Annual pipe and sewage inspections are compulsory.

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